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1.       It is very simple and easily understood by every kid as it is demonstration cum informative.


2.       Tell Kids how sticky foods damage our teeth.


3.       It is more important to brush at night then in morning.


4.       Tell about the important functions of tooth like speech, shaping of face, self defence (for biting purpose), laughing.


5.       Tell about how to brush your teeth properly.


6.       Tell about how much paste is necessary and how we put it on brush so that we can also prevent water pollution.


7.       Also tell about sealants that prevent your teeth before any caries develop.


8.       Tell that tooth is the most important part of our body. It helps in chewing food and if you damage your teeth then you can’t able to eat properly and it will also affect your teeth.


9.       Also tell about that if your teeth shed while falling on ground or by any other road accident then take the tooth and put it in small polythene along with patient saliva and take it to the dentist so that dentist re-implant the same tooth.


10.   Done Dental Check-up of your teeth after every 6 months.


11.   It also gives the chance to students to speak and become confident that will encourage this confidence level in life to speak.



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