Kaun Banega PastePati Program

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Kaun Banega Pastepati is one of the most popular comic campaigns.This campaign has been carried out by him more than 500 schools all over Punjab and Haryana. It is part of Dr Thind’s MISSION SMILE project. Dr. Thind launched the Mission Smile project about 20 years ago to share his knowledge about dental care, and educate people on how to maintain healthy, shining teeth and gums. 

In Kaun Banega Pastepati seminar Dr. Thind educates children about dental health through games and interactive programs like skit which showed how chocolate and sticky foods stick to teeth, the damage caused by them overnight, and how proper brushing helps in ensuring healthy teeth. He also gives presentation on Dental health which shows the Patients with different cases to motivate the students regarding their teeth.  He tells the children importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy, and how to do it easily and simply. He teaches the correct way to brush the teeth. In the end of the seminar Dr. Thind plays a playful quiz with children to know their knowledge about their teeth. All the children who answered the questions correctly were given Colgate toothbrushes and toothpastes as prizes. He keeps these sessions light and playful so that through drama and humor, he could teach children these important lessons regarding oral health. This awareness programme is helpful to increase student’s interest towards dental health.


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